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Healthy Snacks Vending Machine

The HY2100 from SEAGA Manufacturing, Inc., a USA based company is:



Vending Machine Dimensions

The snack/drink machine with payment module is 72″ tall, 36″ wide and 30″ deep.  The Entrée and Side Dish cabinet is an additional 16″ width.  The combined foot print is 72″ H x 52″ W x 30″ D.

Vending Machine Weight

The snack/drink weighs approximately 600lbs.  With the optional entrée/side dish cabinet, the total weight is 820lbs.

Smart Snack Machines

Our vending machines are programmable.   Aside from setting a price, we can do the following:

Snack Machine Remote Management

We can manage our machines remotely.  We can see exactly which products have sold and at what inventory levels are at any time.  We can see expiration dates.  By this, we can tell when it is time to service the machine so that they always stay stocked with product.

Snack Machine Electronic Payments

Our machines are equipped to accept cash, credit cards and popular payment apps.